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We understand that as individuals living in the 21 st century, time is of the essence. On many occasions, individuals are forced to result to unexciting and unhealthy options due to constraints of time.

As Picado, it is our priority to ensure that your outings, at any time of the day, will be timely facilitated and tailored to your unique taste without any compromises. We want you to rest easy, knowing that both your reservation and your beloved service have been executed to your customised likings. Waiting in line, counting coins to split your bill and generally, wasting valuable time, should never be an option.

Whether it be food, drinks, narghile or coffee, we want you to be able to enjoy your desired preference at the finest level.
Look Around
Whether it be for dine-in or takeaway, on our platform, we provide a grand list of facilities and other services to choose from. With the tip of your finger, you can filter your desired preferences or alternatively, you can simply scroll through our advertised venues until you land on the one that is most compatible to your needs. When the toughest part of deciding through your options is done, you can request your time and table, and at the same time, add your items to the cart. Once you checkout your selected items, your tailored picked options will be waiting for you to arrive – and ready for you to enjoy in a unique and swift experience.
Our Venue Providers
Picado is passionate about great service and about increasing the available choices to its users at top quality level. We believe that a wonderful service should never be compromised for something less.

Picado’s mission is to make sure that wherever you are, and wherever you want to go, you never have to worry about finding great quality services. We go a step further, making sure that you meet your schedule and giving you the opportunity to manage your own time in delightful fashion.

Our venue providers are hand-picked by us, one-by-one, as we want you to be able to enjoy their lovely experience in the same way they want to keep the smile on your face. We offer a wide variety of cuisines and enjoyable services for you to pick from, putting all our efforts in maintaining a high- level lifestyle for our users on a daily basis.

It is our principle that quality should never be up for negotiation.

Without further ado, we are here for you to pick, eat, leave and repeat.