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Most efficient and fastest on-demand way to choose and select your favourite experience.

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Enjoy dining out and skipping the queue with Picado.

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Artisan Bakery


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Why Picado?

In the rush of the 21st century, Picado is here to transform your “nomming” experience. Choose from the best line up of restaurants and leave the rest to us. Picado’s aim is to offer you the best experience, while putting your time worries at ease.

Did you know that by using Picado our customers can save up to 21900 minutes while dining out per year? (Yes, we did the math.) That adds up to over two weeks wasted waiting! Picado saves you time easily, through your phone, ensuring the best experience.

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Our Team

We are committed and passionate about offering our customers the choice of an amazing dining experience and helping our partners expand their reach. Trust and satisfaction rank first on our list, ensuring the happiness of every Picadonian out there.

We debate passionately and stay inspired to keep our services at a top-quality level. We keep innovation and user-experience at heart, while having an open mind to any suggestions. We never stop until every single Picadonian is fully content and the key to our success is that we empathise, improvise, and adapt to our customer’s needs.

The inherent nature of Picado is such that revolutionises and enhances the way people interact to attain their desired experience. The complexity of this innovation is always kept humble. We seek to deliver results in the finest way possible and always appreciate that the sky is the limit. We know we can always be better, and this mentality means that we never stop trying.

We are connected as a team and the chain that holds us together is the customer chain. Although our daily tasks may be spread out, we frequently come together to solve any matters that could influence any Picadonian’s experience. This mentality drives us to ensure that if any issues arise, we will unite to provide our input and solve everything for our fellow Picadonians.

To find out more about our team and associates, you may contact us at [email protected] and your queries will be tended as soon as possible.